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Evie Stamp Set - Ladies Vintage Tea Party


This Lexy Rose Illustration Ladies Vintage Tea Party Collection is based on a Vintage Tea Party, with the idea of creating elaborate fascinators from the embellishments for Evie, Gabrielle, Grace and Marietta. The pieces also work on their own, just leaving the imagination to create your own works of art.

This listing is for the Evie set; Evie is accompanied by a birthday cake, cupcakes, a candle, a cake stand and an envelope along with sentiments which compliment the designs such as "A wonderful day to have a party" and "Oh crumbs I forgot your birthday".  

The size of the overall Evie stamp set is 6" x 6" (15.24cm x 15.24cm). Evie  measures approximately 11cm (H) x 7cm (W) at widest points. There are 18 stamps in total.

Angel Policy:
The imagery supplied by Lexy Rose Illustration in these craft products (Stamps and CD Roms) are copyrighted which means that they may not be copied without permission.
- There is no limit on the number of items which can be made from using these craft supplies as long as the product is a finished item and they are individually/personally made by the crafter
 (not a large company for large scale commercial-gain).
- Items are not allowed to be sold or gifted in “kit” format that end users would then assemble themselves.
- The images may not be used for the purpose of creating logos, company trademarks or clipart.
- Designs cannot be digitally altered and passed off and sold as someone else’s creation.
- No mechanical reproduction in any form is permitted.